About me

Welcome to my food blog!

Cooking, but mainly eating delicious food, have always been the main focus of my life. You can leave me on the prettiest spot of the earth, but without tasty food (and of course a brilliant glass of wine) I can’t enjoy myself to the fullest.
That’s why I make sure that whenever I book a holiday, there is always a rich culinary background. Preferably Southern Europe, although Asian food makes me a very happy persoon too. These influences from abroad will definitely show themselves in the recipes I have created on this blog.

My fascination for cooking started when I was just a little girl. At the time I was mainly preoccupied with baking cookies full of sugar and big amounts of cake. As the time passed, I wanted to broaden my horizon by cooking different types of dishes. Especially by tasting what I prepared, my dishes got better and I discovered new combinations by trial and error. When I was confronted a couple of years ago with celiac disease, my interest in healthy eating started to grow. So yes, this means that everything you will find here is free from gluten. But definitely not super healthy.

Today we find ourselves in an environment where everybody has something to say about the way we eat. I believe in fair and fresh ingredients, which will translate to rich flavors and is better for your body as well. If that’s the base of your daily nutrition, you can easily eat some less healthy things on the side… with moderation of course.

I truly hope that you will enjoy my mix of recipes where I experience heaps of joy.

Lots of love,